We are ModTrom Productions. We are the official producers of ALL JAPW media. We also design all the merchandise. We do a wide range of other work, some of which will also be featured here. ModTrom Productions is always expanding, currently we owe credit to the following people for their production assistance and support: King Mort AKA The Panda, Big Dom AKA TOM, Andrew "DROPP", Travis AKA Blade, Steve "Monsta" Mack, Mark "The DOOF" Clemson, Joe Head "Security of the First World" and Fat "FN" Frank. Also, BIG UPS TO THE PANTHER PAW. We are into music and making music videos. We are ALWAYS looking for underground and local bands of ALL styles to give us music to work with. We make videos for JAPW, as well as for indie wrestlers, bands, sports teams, organizations, and a lot of other stuff such as documentaries and commercials. We are also always interested in hearing feedback, suggestions, random comments, and anything else you want to send us. ENJOY our hard work. You can contact us here, or through