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MO Truck Wreck & Accident Injury Lawyers Attorneys <br />Do Not Lose Twice <br />St. Louis | Kansas City | Independence | Springfield <br /><br />At Gordon & Elias L.L.P., we provide advocacy for residents of St. Louis and people throughout the state suffering the pain of injuries following a truck crash. Negligence caused by sleep deprivation or alcohol impairment has violently altered your life, leaving you with questions regarding your future, both personally and professionally. <br /><br />When an auto is involved with a truck in an accident, one outcome is for sure: the auto loses. If you do not select Gordon & Elias as your truck accident lawyers, you could lose twice. Hiring dedicated truck accident attorneys may mean the difference of receiving tens of thousands of dollars or millions of dollars. Simply put, if you hire just any lawyers and not a truck accident law firm, you may be making a serious mistake. <br /><br />You do not have to retain a firm in Missouri if the accident occurs in Missouri. You need to retain a firm that specializes in truck accidents. Often times, firms from other states, such as ours, are retained because of their experience and knowledge. Many times, though the injured auto occupants may live in Missouri, the truck company is from a state other than Missouri. You need truck accident attorneys that do the following: <br /><br />1. Answer the phone when you make that first call <br />2. Send out an investigator to obtain photos and make measurements and, if forensic work is necessary, send out a trucking accident reconstructionist <br />3. File any necessary equitable relief, e.g., writs of sequestration, pleadings to protect the truck from any repairs that would alter the evidence <br />4. Get you to Board Certified Physicians to make sure that you receive the best medical care possible for your injuries <br />5. File your suit as soon as possible and aggressively fight for your rights taking depositions, sending out discovery and building your legal case