I'm a young male who has mild autism and likes to make video reviews of video games on this site, but I'll also make some other videos if I do come up with some ideas though.<br /><br />YouTube channel: *Coming soon.*<br /><br />Upcoming videos:<br /><br />Mitch McKidd's VGXL - *Moved over to YouTube. Ports will be up here about 2-3 weeks after initial YT upload.*<br /><br />The AGK Adventures: TBA<br /><br />A Greatest Freak Out Ever Parody:<br />Stephen's Motor Habits Get out of Control!<br />Expected: Feburary 2014.<br /><br />McKidd Discusses: *YouTube exclusive, but DailyMotion release will come later.*<br /><br />2012-2013 (C) Mitch McKidd Productions UK.