MK Nightcore means Misterkino's Nightcore <br />That is to say Nightcored by me. <br />I hope you will enjoy ^_^ <br /><br />I proceed by season <br />Season 1 & 2 = I wasn't very experiment. And Most Of The Songs are Nightcore of Happy Hardcore. <br />Season 3 = The last season is more diversified. <br />You will found more Vocal Trance. And More great Song for to enjoy Nightcore style. <br /><br />Definition of the world "Nightcore" http://www.myspace.com/nightcore <br /><br />Note For All the Uploads : <br />I do not own anything in the video, <br />including the audio and picture. <br />The credits go to the respective owners. <br />All the video is purely fan-made, and will not <br />be used for profit or illegal sharing. I have only <br />uploaded this to share great music with the world. <br />Thanks.