Missy Lynn

Missy Lynn is soulful pop layered with Jazz piano and strong, rich vocals. Sit back and enjoy or get up and dance . . . either one is possible as her songs take you away. She has been writing and performing for years, but is just stepping into the popular light. She has been compared to Norah Jones, Alicia Keys, Sara Bareilles, Regina Spektor and other widely known favorites.<br /><br />Music has carved and directed Missy Lynn's life since the tender age of 7 when she began composing her own pieces on the piano with no prior training. Without delay her Parents were excited to enroll her in piano lessons where her instructor would attempt to rewire how she only played by ear. With time her love of music pulled her into choir and performing groups which only fueled her drive to write better songs with better lyrics. Early musical influences include Yanni, The Beatles, Billy Joel, Elton John, Sting, and Journey helping to shape Missy's truly unique Jazz-Rock sound wrapped in piano-pop energy. Involvement in NSAI and vocal lessons with one of Utah's Top Speech Level Singing Coaches continues to shape her career.