^That's, (in class 169 here on pg 2), the ^National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific^ in Hon, Hi. "Hi hon" is a "see (c//) parallel" sign that I would find God in Hon Hi and become the person to represent the bride of Christ as I say (below) in class L123c:<br />@ 1:32 is Pearl Harbor and my calling as 1 man show to explain the Apocalypse.<br />@ 1:50 hours is a list of magic in my life that might be my best explanation of me being “the bride of Christ”, (Abba, hon and the Holy Spirit are women). <br />Another "c//" sign is two songs confirming that "hell froze over" but the biggest sign from heaven to the USA was my "rhythm nation" drive, (Janet Jackson's song was prophetic of), me driving across the USA 5 times in 5 months in 1994 as a confirmation of the revelation I got that "hell had frozen over". The Eagles reunite CD titled "Hell Freezes Over" was also a prophetic "c//" sign and combined with my "rhythm nation" drive, (& many other c// signs), it all added up to a loud and clear sign to the USA and the world that everyone is going to heaven when they die. Another big proof is class 161 @ https://vimeo.com/33034450 because it covers the next ten years of my life to 2005. It includes how "the powers that be" persecuted me up to the 9-11 disaster and then backed off. Another reason for these classes is because it explains my calling to represent Jesus' return, (an awkward job but somebody had to do it) and to explain the Apocalypse (Now). My best summaries of this here at Daily Motion are classes 186, 186A & B on pg 4 @ http://www.dailymotion.com/user/Mikeoverson/4, (15 min each). Also L123a, b & c here on page 1 which I call "2.3 hours of magic" because there are so many c// signs or "fit wits" as divine confirmations that what I'm saying is true, (sometimes they need to be watched more than once to get up to speed with them). I have more classes with longer and better descriptions at Vimeo and You Tube at these> links on the right> which includes my blog and my website at MikeOversonEndTimes.org.