Mikel Maeztu
Vitoria, España
me gusta la historia y los gatos por lo que puedes ver en mis videos


Hello Mikel, thanks for uploading all this valuable material. Is there any chance you can fill the missing episodes of the story of medieval England, please? I mean the parts 8-14 and 35-36? Thanks in advance.
El noviembre por Roberts10289
Mikel Maeztu
Some videos are being deleted, those of courses. you can find them at mikelfo.wordpress.com but give me time ;)
El mayo por Mikel Maeztu
Mikel Maeztu
They are all there in my profile, check my playlist
El febrero por Mikel Maeztu
whoa! Great VIDs. did you drop like 40 vidoes other day or was that a glitch. i was just wondering , I've noticed that History of Ancient Rome is gone and some others too. Not a problem , although i would like too know if you repost them . Well , thank you , alot.
El febrero por anderson109

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