Turnabout Entertainment

Hello everyone, this is Mike Maverick, and I will be making content not only on YouTube, but through Dailymotion. <br /><br />Turnabout Entertainment is a production company that I established since 2010. Started off in 2008, I was working on content for a game review series. 4 episode pilot and numerous pilots I made so far, and didn't turn out well. Then I have discover my own creativity of journalism and entertainment, that I will provide you a series called "the Ace Gamer Show" I will also be making more content soon, so look forward to it.<br /><br />The Ace Gamer Show (2013) - Mike Maverick is the host of the webseries where he review a game and challenge himself to see he either ace it or fail it. After the review is over, he will provide the game with an awesome rating.<br /><br />More content to come so stay tuned!