Band:<br />Guitar/Vocal: JeffOzzy Riggs ''The Night Lord''<br />Drum: Axil Dragon ''The Master Of Destruction<br />Lead Guitar: Red Van Rhoads ''The Red Death''<br />Bass: Aleck Hendrix ''The Death Messenger''<br /><br />Biography:<br />JeffOzzy Riggs is the creator of MetalAxes with the help of Red Van Rhoads. We found a bassist, Aleck Hendrix and after we found the drummer, Axil Dragon. Axil have a family who love music and his oncle do own logo and video, his stepfather have a mini studio and with his greatest help, we record our songs with a good quality. We are MetalAxes!<br /><br />Visit own facebook page:<br />!/pages/MetalAxes/368252286567004<br /><br />Visit own youtube page<br />: