Vixenz Wrestling Federation

Video creation of CAW Wrestling & many others--Mercurius Studios--began in 2004 with only AMVs made with Movie Maker. Within a year and a half, the process of video-making has evolved towards Premiere Elements for further video editing. The best way to do that, is through the project of New Gen Wrestling CAW, which began on October 9th, 2004. It evolved overtime, and from 2004-2010, before NGW is no more. In 2011, Mercurius Studios has moved on to another CAW project: Vixenz Wrestling Federation...a women's only CAW league, taking the ladies of NGW and adding a few more, to have a league of their own. <br /><br />--HOW DO YOU DO YOUR MATCHES THAT GOOD?-- <br />I'm like a "One-Man Wrecking Crew", mostly using 2 controllers at ONCE! Sometimes, I make the matches interesting by using 3-4 controllers, but use 3 of them at a time for that. If that's not SKILL, I dunno what you call it. <br /><br />XBOX LIVE GAMERTAG: Mercurius360