Joshua "Billionbound" Wharton

Hi Everyone! <br /><br />My name is Joshua Wharton, currently working as an auto mechanic for a Ford Dealer. <br /><br />In my 5 years of network marketing, I worked very hard but achieved only minimal to no results after spending thousands of dollars. With some companies it's easy to do that within a matter of months. That was before we read "Success in 10 Steps". It's ...a FREE ebook written by my good friend and mentor, Michael Dlouhy, after 30 years experience in the industry. <br /><br />----------------- -------------- <br />www.success-n- <br />------------------ ------------- <br /><br />If you've been a network marketer or in business for 20 years or 20 minutes, you'll gain some awesome insights between the laughs. Learn about the biggest lies you've been told, and why it's not your fault! <br /><br />Save yourself years of failure and frustration! <br /><br />You can also receive the free training newsletter and join the free mentoring calls. Learn about your prospects' personality types - who takes the longest to make a decision and who has the most fun at parties! Also find out why it's not about your product. <br /><br />Learn how to relax and talk to people with no hype or pressure. Learn how to evaluate companies and compensation plans and how to choose the right one for you. Share the training with your whole team - all FREE. <br /><br />I look forward to helping you any way I can. <br /><br />Dedicated to your success, <br />Joshua Wharton <br />513-371-2449 <br /> <br />Skype: Joshua.wharton