MediaPro Pictures

Name: MediaPro Pictures <br />MediaPro Pictures is Romanias leading producer of entertainment. Our activity focuses on television and film production. At the same time, we have a division specialized in organizing events, L!VE, and one that handles commercials and music videos Domino Productions. <br /><br />Founded in 1998, we have set landmark after landmark in the history of Romanian entertainment: the first local telenovela (Only Love, 2004), the first local sitcom (Neighbors Forever, 2005), the first local police series (Good Guys, 2005), the highest-grossing Romanian motion picture after 1990 (Garcea, the Dumbest Cop on Earth, 2001), the first local spin-off (Tears of Love, 2006) and the legendary street concerts aired live on Pro TV every New Years Eve. <br /><br />In 2007 we opened MediaPro Pictures s.r.o., our first offshore subsidiary, located in the Czech Republic. This reflects our objective of becoming the most important player in the regional film and television market. <br /><br />In 2008, in order to keep up with the increasing volume of productions, two new divisions were created. They are specialized in complementary types of content for television: MediaPro Television (drama, comedy and action) and Promance International (romantic fiction). <br /><br />MediaPro Pictures is part of the MediaPro Group, the largest media consortium in Romania. We are based in the town of Buftea, on the premises of the largest complex of film studios in Eastern Europe, MediaPro Studios.