Maree Zimny

NLP Training company and school of Hypnotherapy and spirituality. We utilize the tools of NLP, Hypnosis, Time Lime Therapytm and Coaching. Why not come to one of our FREE NLP Introduction nights in Sydney, NSW. <br /><br />When you know that something has to change becuase getting the same thing over and over is not what you want, so you start to look for solutions, help, assistance anything to get you away from the past stuff. Matrix Mindset is a great place to start to get clarity of thoughts, heal the past negative emotions and learn about what's really important to you in all area's of life, such as Career, relationships, personal growth, spirituality, money, family and friends, health and fitness and so forth. <br /><br />It's always harder to know yourself what the issue is, yet its always easy to pick this up in others. Our specialist therapist and trainers have the skills to dig deep into your patterns and uncover what's been blocking you and holding you back. <br /><br />Some people have developed such a skill in hinding who they really are, that they themselves feel like a fraud and dont know who they are and whats right for them and which direction to go. <br /><br />We are able to assis you at our trainings, seminars, workshops one on one coaching, speed therapy and soon to be online