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Founder of MK Production & Co-Founder of K3Studios.


Jérémie Duvall
P.S: venez découvrir mes court-métrages et donnez vos avis merci :) !
4 years ago by Jérémie Duvall
Martin Klekner
That's very good to hear. Thank you :-)
4 years ago by Martin Klekner
Tom Hisbergue
believe me, for a work without previous experience, it's a very good job !

good continuation ! impacient to see your next movies !
4 years ago by Tom Hisbergue
Martin Klekner
Thank you too! But your matte p. are simply awesome, mine were done without previous experience in this field and it's apparent. Still thank you.
4 years ago by Martin Klekner

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