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America’s Home Program (AHP) is proud to announce that after 16 Months of intense development, we have officially launched America’s Turn Key Solution for REO Investments. America’s Home Program is the Nations solution for transforming Bulk REO inventory from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, in conjunction with lending from FHA, into performing assets and sold homes.
Our Program not only places American families into homes, it provides a proven solution for immediate home ownership. And in doing so, AHP provides solid real estate investment opportunities to individuals and groups who participate in this Program.
America's Home Program secures your investment funds and our American families with fully remodeled, accurately valued single family homes; all while paying quarterly dividends from the Performing Mortgages which we create, through permanent re-financing. These dividends are paid until our investors reap the rewards from exiting these homes at retail values, all while assisting American families in realizing their dreams and providing our investors with options to re-invest over and over again; in what will most certainly prove to empower generations to come.
To inquire more about America's Home Program for home ownership and investment opportunities contact

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