Subscribers, PMs and Friend requests welcome! <br /><br />Hey, decided to create an account for the heck of it. You might know me on YouTube and Aniboom as MarioTheTerminator, on Roblox as MarioGuy21, and on most other places as Suprmonkey21. <br /><br />Because of other activities, I don't have all the time in the world to make movies. However, I will try to take requests for most Nintendo games. (I don't have a capture device, DVD recorder, or anything like that for gamecube or later, unless you know a good emulator I can use for Wii, GCN, or DS) <br /><br />Emulators: <br />Nintendo 64: Project 64 <br />Super Nintendo Entertainment System (aka Super nes, aka snes, ak in asia as Super Famicom): ZSnes <br />Nintendo Entertainment System (aka Nes): Jnes. <br /><br />Projects: <br />Roblox: The Series: A series that started with an experimental movie called "Roblox Bloopers" that was a total failure in my eyes. So far, that is it. (More to come later) <br /><br />Super Mario 64 Bloopers: A series involving Mario's mis-adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom. Includes Episodes 1, 2, and the Mini-series, "The Announcement" <br /><br />The Upcoming series that will be called Mushroom Kingdom: Total War. It'll be an epic that anyone can be in (as long as you have a color code).