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"Heigh-ho, Couch Pumpkins!"
Margali's old hangout, THRILLER THEATRE is alive and well, with horror, sci-fi and fantasy, thrillers, chillers, and even a few gobblers, along with clips from the show, shorts and cartoons all in that THRILLER THEATRE vein.


Rainey Dawn
MargaliMorwentari thanks for all the classic horror uploads - some I have not seen in years and been wanting to again.
December by Rainey Dawn
Paul Plogojowitz
I've been looking for Doctor Dracula (1981) for forever; can you upload it? Thanks regardless.
October by Paul Plogojowitz
Regrettably, it appears the 1962 "Beauty and the Beast" is unavailable online other than as a pay-per-view over on YouTube:
Hi! :) Do you have Beauty and the beast (1962)? The one where the Beast is the werewolf? I can´t find it anywhere! Thank you!
September by RoseOfKlausenburg

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