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"Heigh-ho, Couch Pumpkins!"
Margali's old hangout, THRILLER THEATRE is alive and well, with horror, sci-fi and fantasy, thrillers, chillers, and even a few gobblers, along with clips from the show, shorts and cartoons all in that THRILLER THEATRE vein.


Bizarre Classics
Hiya Ghoulfriend! Long Time Fan Here! Somewhat of a budding Classics Horror/Sci Fi Host myself. Your an Idol to me. Love your stuff. Hope we can chat someday.
thanks so much for your channel, i've watched so many movies on here, alot of these are very hard to find, i've enjoyed all these great films, thanks again
Absolute C
hi magali so far i had no dailymotion account , but i love so much your channel , you gave me the urge to create one .thx a lot for giving us the chance to see those wonderful movies, real tresures. a french fan.
February by Absolute C
hey i would like to say something to you in private
February by cwrockwood13