To take the path less traveled is to liberate your authentic self and create a life that is true to you. You exchange the safety of hiding behind the masks and roles for the comfort of living in your own skin. Your life becomes infused with more meaning, your passion for living gets rekindled and you experience joy in everyday moments. <br /><br />When you dare to say “yes” to who you are you experience more self-love. There is merit to the notion of just accepting yourself the way you are right now. But I have also seen this become a trap for women to live a minimal existence; never tapping into their potential or fulfilling their purpose. The truth is that often we do not feel lovable because we have not acted in a loving way towards ourselves. We repress our dreams and deny who we are. Of course we will feel unworthy if we repeatedly diminish what is essential to us! <br /><br />With coaching, you will learn to live in accordance with who you really are. You will find the guidance, structure and courage to take the steps needed to manifest the life you want. In order to feel empowered, proud, and vibrantly alive you need to live in a way that feels powerful, that actualizes your potential, and takes advantage of the life and capacities you were given. Through my mentoring and support you can access the inner wisdom and resiliency to create the life you deserve. Free your Self. If not now, when? <br /><br />MAP2SELF <br />Live Internet Radio, Launch Date: October 6, 2010 at 12pm EDT. Call-in, Skype-in, Join-in with Vanessa live each week on a journey to the road less traveled: Listen, Learn & Share.