Mamta(DOLLY) Jagdish Dhody <br />The name Saiva Siddhanta Church means "sacred congregation of Supreme God Siva's revealed Truth." These two Sanskrit words and one English word we consider to be our international trademark. Saiva Siddhanta Church, founded in 1949, was incorporated under the laws of the United States of America in the state of California on December 30, 1957, and received recognition of its US Internal Revenue tax exempt status as a church on February 12, 1962. Among America's oldest Hindu institutions, it established its international headquarters on Kauai, Hawaii, on February 5, 1970. From this Garden Island in the Pacific Ocean, northernmost of the Hawaiian chain that forms the world's most remote land mass, the Church broadly serves the billion-strong Hindu faith (fully one-sixth of the human family). The Church's ministry is dedicated to nurturing the membership and local missions in four continents and to serving, primarily through publications, the community of Hindus throughout the world. <br />To assemble and translate into modern English and other languages the sacred scriptures of Saivism and to produce and publish as needed religious books, texts, audio and video recordings, websites, magazines and literature. <br />To generate international interest and support, through the Hindu Heritage Endowment, for Hinduism's diverse institutions, such as temples, societies, schools and the Church's own missions, so that these institutions and the religion they protect will continue to flourish. <br />10. To foster international alliances with organizations of all sects of Hinduism based on the doctrine of Hindu solidarity, with the objective of providing a firm foundation for the Sanatana Dharma to persist in the future with the same potency which has made it the world's spiritual leader and guide for thousands of years.