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Few people find their destiny, chase their dreams, and pursue a passionate existence. Often times the grueling road to success is too daunting a challenge to maintain a positive outlook and fuel the desire to keep striving despite the obstacles in our lives. Most people break.
So one can understand why Maliqe, a humble, ambitious, and talented individual, is such a rare find. Maliqe has dedicated his life to his passion for creating music and is relentless is his efforts to realize his dreams. From sleepless nights in the studio to leaving behind a steady life to travel wherever the music takes him, Maliqe is truly a man on a mission.
The crisp honesty and sincere soulfulness of his voice complemented perfectly with staggering writing skill makes this young man a formidable force in the entertainment industry. Influenced by his surroundings and his hopes, Maliqe’s music is always inspired and inspiring.
It is often said that few of us know what we are capable of doing because we have never pushed ourselves hard enough to find out but Maliqe is determined to let the world know just how committed he is to influencing the landscape of music and this is just the start of where this artist is headed.
Singing since he was a toddler, music is Maliqe’s lifeline and serves not only as an expression of his imagination and versatility as an artist but also as a creative outlet for the misfortune he has experienced. In his stirring single “This is My Life” Maliqe laments, “my pops in the grave, and my mother can’t be saved, I got a brother locked away somewhere in a cage way up state, but yet I still survive..."

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