What is myBusinessin? <br /><br />myBusinessin is a revolutionary platform that enables people to meet and boost their business by exchanging their ideas or their needs. <br /><br />myBusinessin is asocial business network based on a worldwide community of professionals. The innovative combination of both the interactive system of the profiles and the social business community create a new generation of business network. The main function of myBusinessin is to enable sharing of private and public information with business contacts and friends, meeting other people and facilitating business connection. <br /><br />Greater than a tool, developed for professionals, myBusinessin offers specific functionalities to answer the needs of professionals. <br /><br />The starting point and the philosophy of myBusinessin is to answer the following question: What do I need right now to grow successfully my business?" <br />While answering this question, we have never forgotten that connections are the keys of success in business. <br /><br />This is the reason why we rely on person-to-person business network. <br /><br />Who is myBusinessin aimed designed for? <br /><br />myBusinessin is designed for entrepreneurs, decision makers, managers, leaders, freelancers and potential entrepreneurs who want to face the business world by building up their network and finding their needs. <br /><br />In what ways is myBusinessin used? <br /><br />myBusinessin allows its members to create their own profile or their company's profile, manage their own interactive showroom (Vidéo, mp3, documents word, excel or pdf) to advertise their products or services, to CHAT, to find new jobs/internships, and submit ads according to their professional needs. <br /><br />myBusinessin enables users to search for new business partners, initiating new business contacts, opening up new markets or finding out new business opportunities.