~*PROFILE NEWLY UPDATED: 11/02/2007*~ <br /><br />(Update) Hello, I'm just starting out here, so I'm currently uploading all my videos here from YouTube. *sigh* This might take awhile. <br /><br />[[Look for all of my videos on YouTube. Copyright is stricter here, so most of my AMVs were rejected. Scroll down to the bottom for a full list.]] <br /><br />Yo, MOOKAGE here. [^^] Looks like I got a Daily Motion now. [=o] This should be real fun. Oh yes, if you want a description, go check out my YouTube page. I'm not a fan of typing things twice. <br /><br />"I like cereal." <br /><br />Oopsies, I made a little mistake and uploaded my older videos out of order. I'm kind of exact when it comes to this kind of stuff. So I'm putting a video history list here--more for my need than yours. [^^;] <br /><br />11/07/06 - This Suffering (KH2) <br />02/16/07 - Gay Bar (KH2) <br />07/22/07 - Wait and Bleed (DN) <br />08/06/07 - Harmonic (Naruto) <br />08/16/07 - Mello Likes Near's Hair (DN) <br />08/17/07 - Zelos vs. Seles (ToS) <br />08/18/07 - Strange & Beautiful (DN) <br />08/18/07 - Death Note Ep.25 Clip (DN) <br />08/22/07 - Vena Cava: Opening Remix (DN) <br />09/08/07 - Bodies (DN) <br />09/09/07 - Hataraki Otoko (DN) <br />10/19/07 - Bad Excuse (KH2) <br />10/20/07 - Machiavellism (Yu-Gi-Oh) <br />10/20/07 - Franchise Time (N:TAB) <br />10/21/07 - Little Boy (MMMM) <br />10/22/07 - Let's Do This Now (FFVII:AC) <br />10/23/07 - Space Dementia (FFVII:AC) <br />11/01/07 - Ding Dong Song (KH/KH2)