Maria Frances Louise Kanellis

I was born in the small town of Ottawa Illinois. I always dreamed of being a star. I started dancing and modeling when I was very young. In fact I started taking dance lessons when I was three and took them for 17 years. I starred on the reality show Outback Jack in 2004. I was one of the final three but was not chosen. Later in 2004 I got another shot at fame. I entered the 2004 $250,000 RAW Diva Search. I say that I was the biggest wrestling fan out of any of the girls, but that wasn't enough. I was eliminated sixth. But I possessed something that the WWE and the fans liked, because I was hired anyway. Since winning I have became a familiar face in the WWE both as an announcer, an interviewer and most recently a wrestler. I love my job and I always will!!! But yeah comment me and comment my photos thank you!!! Kisses Ria <br />If you think i'm fake plzz don't add me. <br /><br />I'm currently Have been Drafted To SmackDown. <br />I'm from Ottawa Illinois, <br />and I currently live in L.A. and and <br />I Spennd half of my Time In Ottawa <br />Which Is my other Home. <br />I am a WWE diva And <br />I Go By Maria <br />most of the time by fans <br />and Friends call me Riah,Or <br />Maria Boop. <br />I have one brother Named <br />Billy and I <br />Have one sister, Janny <br />who i'm with most <br />of the time we have <br />a stronge Relationship <br />My favorite Color is green, <br />and Red <br />I am an art and design major <br />I Design My own clothes, <br />I graduated from Ottawa Township High OTH)in 2000! <br />Made A lot of Friends there <br />I attended NIU 'til 2004 <br />I ♥ any kind of rock music but I listen to anything