He was born in 1963 and is known by the foreigners, a fan of Mevlana and Turk, living abroad, worked for various duties at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the General Directorship of Afforesting and Erosion Control of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forest, retired from the same institution in a successful register. He is also known via his articles against Global Warming, Terror, Narcotic and Child Pornography beside his love for poems, which is special to him. Also, he is a photograph artist, the photographs taken by him during Şebb-İ Aruz Ceremonies of Mevlana in Konya in 2005, are attracted attention and demand very much because UNESCO announced the year 2007 as the Peace and Affection Year of Mevlana. He exhibited his photographs in digital environment in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Luxemburg and Cyprus abroad. He opened 10 exhibitions one after another in Turkey in 8 months in April, 2007 and broke a record hard to reach through the approximately 86.800 visitors. Also, millions of people visited his internet site and followed up the photographs and videos of the exhibitions. He prefer to use the name "COSMIC POEMS" in Turkish and World Literature firstly and released his album of Cosmic Poems ??I Can Never Leave you?? with this name with the Poet Nilgün NART. Thus, they started a new school in the poem art. They became the innovators of a new trend in their poems through an exposition also including the whole Cosmos; their subjects are the Creation Love. The album of Cosmic Poems "I never leave you" was liked and was listened mostly in Europe and America on internet and became number one.The Poet using a language free of non essentials and affectations in his poems, known as Can from Dusseldorf in Germany, Dr. Dream in America, Mr. Mikado Kamekido in Japan, Mr. Can AKIN in Turkey, sends his these poems to the internet addresses of his fans over 850.000 every week. And this number increases day by day.