Lyfe Line Media Group

Don Brown, The Visonary Heartbeat Of Lyfe Line Media Group <br /> <br />Born and raised in Chicago IL, Don Brown is a freelance Videographer and Editor with a creative background In Film as well as Music. With a Bachelors Degree in Film and currently working on his Masters Degree in Entertainment Business, he's looking to bring his creative and innovative style of visual art to the masses. <br /> <br />Starting off doing music and being involed heavily in the hip-hop culture, Don had to figure out a lot of things on his own. He learned how to write his own raps by himself which lead him to learn how to record himself because nobody wanted to help and nobody really believed in him. He figured that in order to get his songs to the masses would be through visuals. But the people that knew how to shoot videos and edit them, they were overcharging him. So, he decided to pick up a camera, bought a video editing software and learned how to make videos by himself. While in high school, one of his teachers told the class that they had to do a presentation and they could use any medium to present it. He chose to do a small documentary on the water crisis in Angola and all the teachers in the school was impressed. This lead him to wanting to go to college to better his craft. In 2013, He graduated with a Bachelor Degree from Full Sail University and is currently attending the same school for his Masters in Enterainment Business. <br />​ <br />Lyfe Line Media is all about vision and drive. It's about making nothing out of something and being very creative in the process. We strive to bring quality work to our customers and keep them coming back for more. We provide services that include Music Videos, Demo Reels, Short Films, Photo Shoots, And Special Events (Weddings, Sweet 16 Celebrations and Birthday Parties). We also do editing work if the customer needs work edited. Contact Us For More Info. <br /> <br />Email: <br />YouTube: www,