Ludus Ludius
Cardiff, United Kingdom
Ludus Ludius Improvisation Theatre co Cardiff, Wales

In the initial era of the birth of this theatre company, there was one. That one became someone. That someone became Ludius. This Ludius then lost an i. That eye returned to form this one someone to be Ludus Ludius. Hopefully this Ludus Ludius can tempt other ones to become a Ludus Ludius, in Cardiff.

Ludus Ludius Improvisation Theatre Company creates theatre through improvised playfulness. Theatre is about spreading a message or a meaning in cultural and creative way, in whatever way that may be. Improvisation makes the creative energy become more raw and organic; a natural flavour to the improvised product. The spontaneity in everyone forces truthful assets to the meaning that displays more self honesty. We strive for self realisation through improvisation and exploration of collaborative creation.