Nicholas Cruz

Ladies and Gentlemen !!! <br /><br />Let Me Introduces To You Myslef. <br /><br />My Name It's "Nicholas Cruz" <br /><br />Age "19 Years Old Going 20 Next Year" <br /><br />Hometown "USA" <br /><br />Afflications "Christian Other's Haven' Yet" Batised But I Aready Plan Too" <br /><br />My Hobbies and Interest: <br /><br />I Love 2 Play PS2 With My Friends and My Brother Including Computer Games Has Well As On The Internet Itself. <br /><br />Hang-Out With My Bro and Sis In Christ's Has Well As My Whole Family Members To Places That We Like 2 Hang-Out The Most. <br /><br />Play Batminton, Arcade, Counter. Strike (C.S), Both: Outdoors and Indoors Activitys, Soccer and Basketball, Board-Games Plus Many .. Many More To Describe. <br /><br />Most Important Of-All For Me It's To Attend Church When I'm Free On EverySingle Sundays 2 Worship Jesus Christ's. <br /><br />+ I Also Loves Watching Movies and Listening 2 Musics Without Them I Can't Live .. HeHeHeee! I'm Just Kiddin' <br /><br />+ Many .. Many More !!! <br /><br />That's All I Can Say! <br /><br />:: Nichocruz .. OuTT !!! :: <br /><br />:)