Whitney Jacqueline

We're a Lotto Magic team within the main company of Florida Lotto Magic which is located in Fort Walton Beach Florida. Lotto Magic is a professionally managed lottery ticket pooling company combined with a referral program where you can earn by sharing with others. You can join as a Lotto Magic "Player" for the lottery ticket pool only or as a Lotto Magic "Captain" (optional) for the lotto pool and income opportunity.<br /><br />Lotto ticket pooling is about the same as "office pooling", you know where a group of people in an office "pool" their money so they can buy more lottery tickets and increase their chances of winning the lottery. That's what we do except our pools are managed and controlled safely by the company. The company purchases tickets monthly for each team, locks the tickets in their company safe and lets each of us know (both online and through postal mail) which numbers are being played for us.<br /><br />Florida Lotto Magic sponsors three main lotto pools based on three popular lotteries: The Florida Lottery, Powerball Lottery and also the Mega Millions lotteries.<br /><br />Why do I have video's here based on Lotto Magic? Because we are an individual lotto pool team and as the team leader my job is to "build the team" by getting the word out about Lotto Magic. So, watch our video's then visit any of our team marketing sites for more information!