Los Vampirps

The Los Vampiros were formed in October 2005 from a fellowship of three biologist students. Edina Balczó, Zsolt Illés, Attila Kalmár and a graduate philosopher László Dobi. At that time, they were playing covers with the help of two singers in a small & cramped 3x3 meter rehearsing room, where the guitars got interference several times. In February 2005, they parted with the two singers and bassist, Attila Kalmár. In exchange, he was replaced to another biologist classmate, Ferdinand Ambach. Things were getting better because at that time, they had successfully moved to the bigger rehearsing room placed convientiently close to each member. Guitarists Edina Balczó & Zsolt Illés had difficulty understanding eachothers musical stand-point. They both accepted their own unique paths and decided to blend their musical talents into one unique style. They blended Spanish music styles with classic rock which gave their music a potent mixture. In efforts to make their music more colorful, they included fellow classmate, Ádám Magyar playing on harp and conga.