Lorenzo Piani

My career began at age 17. I released my first single with EMI “Sweet Annie”, In Rimini, in 1987 work began recording my first album. "Sognatori Erranti" The album is released with the label Nar / RICORDI, start the promotional activities of 400 private radio stations, RDS, Radio Rai Uno and Rai TV and TWO, Telemontecarlo and VideoMusic. Many trips around Europe is enabling me to draw new songs, one in Danish ( Denmark is my second home) In the same period i collaborated with my friend Ivan Graziani, with whom i share artistic experiences until his death (as a reminder, the album VIVO, i will dedicate a highly personal reworking of Lugano Addio) In the same time RTIMusic propose me to publish a CD single titled “THE TRAIN” (it was a summer hit 1995, an hit on RTL radio). After the single RTIMusic released the CD VIVO-feeling (VIVO-Feeling is a reworking in funky style, with text written in Italian by me of Feelings by Morris Albert). This new work is developed with a staff of young musicians with me makes a hard-sounding sophisticated and innovative. The work is published by RTIMusic. The promotion is carried out on hundreds of private radio stations in Italy and the collaboration of Radio Italy, Rai International Radio and Radio Rai 1 and 2 channel. For television are made three clips: “VIVO”, “VOLO” and “VIOLA” that are programmed by the main TV channels of music videos. In 2008 i released my fourth album titled Sorpresi dal Vento, seen in songs Elgha and Un Salto e Volo collaboration with the great Brian Auger, the best Hammond Organ player of world. In 2011, i released my fifth album entitled La Filosofia del CAM. With a massive campaign of radio promotion that sees the La Filosofia del CAM single and the Ragazza Svedese single transmitted more than 1,000 radio as a national radio RAI UNO, Isoradio WebRadio8, regional, local and web. In january 2013 it released a new single MIO FIGLIO with a new video produced in New York.