Gladiator Meets Blade In This Stake-Pounding Shocker

Love, honour, revenge, scary vampires, exciting battles and brutal fight scenes - all with a healthy topping of horror and a dark lair of sexual depravity.

The Past.

He was the centurion who pierced the body of Christ with his spear.

He was damned for eternity and carried The Spear of Destiny - an evil and powerful weapon.

He was seduced by Lilith, Queen of the Night.

She made him her Revenant - a vampire creature of immense power.

She used him to destroy her enemies.

Firstly, vampire heretics who refused to worship her - then innocent women and children.

He rebelled and escaped her power.

For centuries, he wandered the earth and fought in the wars of men.

He met his soul mate, the beautiful vampire Carmilla.

They lived together in peace and solitude.

The Present.

Now, Cervenka, the vampire Lord of New York has tortured and killed his soul mate.

Now, he shall unleash the power of the spear and the beast inside him again.

Now, he will bring down Cervenka's vast, vampire kingdom in an sea of blood and fire.

In this New World...this United States of America...he will fight one last time for revenge and honor.

But Lillith is watching and waiting... to exact a terrible revenge on him.

There is no redemption for the damned...

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4.0 out of 5 stars: "Fantastic story that ticks all the boxes"
By Andrew Morrison
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Five Stars: Great Read For Holidays
By SusieV
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase

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