LONGINUS THE VAMPIRE<br /><br />Gladiator Meets Blade In This Stake-Pounding Shocker <br /><br />Love, honour, revenge, scary vampires, exciting battles and brutal fight scenes - all with a healthy topping of horror and a dark lair of sexual depravity. <br /><br />The Past.<br /><br />He was the centurion who pierced the body of Christ with his spear.<br /><br />He was damned for eternity and carried The Spear of Destiny - an evil and powerful weapon. <br /><br />He was seduced by Lilith, Queen of the Night.<br /><br />She made him her Revenant - a vampire creature of immense power.<br /><br />She used him to destroy her enemies. <br /><br />Firstly, vampire heretics who refused to worship her - then innocent women and children.<br /><br />He rebelled and escaped her power.<br /><br />For centuries, he wandered the earth and fought in the wars of men.<br /><br />He met his soul mate, the beautiful vampire Carmilla.<br /><br />They lived together in peace and solitude.<br /><br />The Present.<br /><br />Now, Cervenka, the vampire Lord of New York has tortured and killed his soul mate.<br /><br />Now, he shall unleash the power of the spear and the beast inside him again.<br /><br />Now, he will bring down Cervenka's vast, vampire kingdom in an sea of blood and fire. <br /><br />In this New World...this United States of America...he will fight one last time for revenge and honor.<br /><br />But Lillith is watching and waiting... to exact a terrible revenge on him.<br /><br />There is no redemption for the damned... <br /><br />*********************************************************************<br />Latest Customer Reviews from Amazon UK - Kindle Edition.<br /><br />4.0 out of 5 stars: "Fantastic story that ticks all the boxes"<br />By Andrew Morrison<br />Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase<br /><br />Five Stars: Great Read For Holidays<br />By SusieV<br />Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase<br /><br />*********************************************************************<br />Available in paperback at Amazon books and for Amazon Kindle<br /><br />Please visit the official website to see and read more.<br /><br />http://www.longinusthevampire.com