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LocalVideoBiz.tv is a Local Business Internet Videos Interviews with Local Marketing Guy, Rob Smith is the most unique internet video interviewing web site. Local businesses will not only be able to highlight their service and share the video with their customers, clients and prospects, but the video will be launched to multiple video sharing sites, social bookmarking sites and ping Google. This is not like the local news outlet that is that has an online video interviewing site, but this has real online marketing value with keyword loaded videos that favor the local business on a web site that have a new media marketing blogging web site. The unique thing about web sites like this, local businesses will be able to do this themselves. <br /><br />The goal is to one, get out and meet local businesses across the United States and give them an one time marketing value with the keyword loaded blog and video launch on http://www.LocalVIDEObiz.tv to give them relevance in the local market place(s) online. This can be achieved by any business by themselves if they use web sites tools like what http://www.LocalVIDEObiz.tv. If you need help acquiring a new media marketing tool like Local VIDEO Biz, just ask The Local Marketing Guy - Rob Smith. <br /><br />> Rob Smith <br /> The Local Marketing Guy <br /> LocalVIDEObiz@gmail.com <br /> 970-430-6020