Lissa Kh

Hi , I'm Lissa. I started my musical formation at the conservatory when I was 6 years old. Later on, when I was 15,I took professional classic vocal lessons during 3 years, and in fact, I'm still training my voice every day. At the same time I started performing at Jazz clubs, doing R&B songs,classic Jazz, soul and even Gospel repertory.I suddenly found out that I could also write my own songs and it rapidly turned into a real emotional necessity. On the "Inner Sensations" demo-album all the songs were written by me.I arranged, produced and also played piano and made the whole drum programming on this album. This project was exclusively made by me, including the recording , post production and the whole technical sound process. I'm currently seeking for a professional management to give me a chance to devote myself to what I really love and what's in me, my true essence...Music. <br />Contact