Lisa Wingate

• Hometown: Texas <br /><br />THE SUMMER KITCHEN chosen for One Book One Waco, Waco, Tx <br /><br />Click here for audio. <br />• <br />About Me and My Books: <br /><br />I write mainstream fiction for both Penguin Putnam and Bethany House. My first book, Tending Roses came out in 2001, followed by Good Hope Road, The Language of Sycamores, Drenched in Light, A Thousand Voices, Texas Cooking, Lone Star Cafe, and Over the Moon at the Big Lizard Diner, A Month of Summer, Talk of the Town, and Word Gets Around, the Summer Kitchen, Never Say Never, Beyond Summer, Larkspur Cove <br /><br />My newest book is Dandelion Summer <br />Excerpt from Chapter 1 <br /><br />. Chapter 1 <br /> J. Norman Alvord <br /><br /> A single drop of water changes the ocean. A noted colleague of mine once asserted this as we dawdled over lunch at a restaurant near Cape Canaveral. “How can it not?” he demanded. “Some amount of matter is displaced. There’s transference of energy. Nothing is as it was before.” We were young then, certain of our own importance. Convinced that our presence in the world, that our work, was destined to change it. “I discussed it with Einstein, you know,” he said, and went on to share a story of having accompanied the physicist on a fishing trip, of all things. They’d considered the drop-of-water theory while Einstein reclined on the deck of a sailboat, trails of pipe smoke drifting lazily into the air. Less than a year after their conversation, Einstein’s sudden demise sent a ripple around the world.