Welcome to the Limpo Franchising, the waterless car wash sector's leader, the only company able to combine innovation and tradition, technology and environmental respect.<br /><br />The Limpo cleansing system doesn't need water and uses only eco-friendly products created by the company's laboratory LimpoLab as well as specific equipment aimed at energetic optimization.<br /><br />The uniqueness of this method, designed by Edo Ltd and pushed to international level by the Master Franchising links, favoured our Franchising's development.<br /><br />In fact, the company is focusing its business on the network's internationalization, based on Master Franchisee's exclusive territorial rights in terms of Limpo's trademark management.<br /><br />Through the Master Franchising agreement Edo Ltd issues a mark and commercial system's usage license, passing on its know-how, necessary for the network's buildup.