Paul Burner

Lightning Auto, Boat & RV Detail is a mobile detailing service located in So. CA and is owned and operated by Paul Burner. I have over 26 years of experience in all types of detailing, and in business since November 1989. I am best known for being a problem solver. You will see me personally when you call us to come to your home, office, or boat & RV storage. I will not ever send out a couple of illegal aliens, college or high school kids as many other detailers would. What kind of job could you expect from an undocumented worker getting paid only $8. or $9. per hour, or a college kid who details part time on the side? A simple hand polish/wax with a quickstyle interior cleaning that they think is a detail? You'll get nothing but the best from us. As my grandfather always said," You buy get cheap." I believe he was right. <br /><br />We cover all of the Long Beach, Orange County & L. A. area. We serve all harbors & marinas, boat & RV storage facilities from L.A. to San Diego and to my knowledge, no other detailing company does this! I am fully insured, and my business license number is 174921. <br /><br />We use no substandard, store-bought products like those used by discount detailers. Most 'discount guys' aren't knowledgeable enough to properly use a hi-speed buffer/polisher, so they'll attempt to do your car, boat, or RV by hand. By doing so, the initial results may look good enough, but after a couple/three washes, your discount detail goes down the drain with the wash water. A professional quality detail should be applied with a hi-speed buffer, without swirls, and far surpass that of the 'discount guys.' It's the quality of the workmanship and durability of the detail you pay for, among many other things. You can't get the kind of quality work that we do from someone who's only been around a few years.