Lifetime's Armywives

Army Wives is a new scripted, original drama series about the struggles, dreams and friendships of a diverse group of women living on an active army post. They are separated by military rank as wives, but share the personal stress that comes from living with the Army code of conduct in their personal relationships. They raise their families alone, with the fear that their husbands may not return from duty. The group - largely from different backgrounds and varying levels within the military hierarchy - is brought together by a unique set of circumstances; they are able to gather strength ultimately from each other as they deal with the extraordinary challenges of their military environment. Through the eyes of a new military wife (Roxy), the viewer is introduced to a unique perspective on how women develop their personal safety nets. Through her point-of-view we learn about this unique ³unit² of friends and how they pull together in a place where military code guides their lives and relationships.