Alex Dutty

Alex Dutty (aka Lexus Dutty) is a UK Artist / Producer formally known as Lexus. Dutty was raised in south London where he grew up an then moved to east London where he has remained for the last 15 years.<br /><br />DuttyLex first released "Dutty Mouth Vol.1 Dutty Roads" selling over 15,000 copies accros the uk on road and in-stores. This release featured singers Ny, Kosha and Jon Wes and was hailed a mixtape classic by many. Tracks received airplay on 1extra, Kiss and Choice FM, Rinse FM.<br /><br />In 2009 Lexus hit the screens again featuring on the "Old Skool" single by "Kosha" and was directed by Luke Biggins (50 Cent, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake videos). The video was on main playlists on Channel AKA, MTV Base, 1extra, BBC Radio 1, kiss FM, Choice FM and many pirate stations. <br /><br />Lexus Then went onto record and release "Dutty Mouth Vol.2 Unsigned Hype" (17,000 currently sold) late in 2009. This release features Dot Rotten, Faith SFX, Kosha, Donaeo & AC & Terra to mention only some. This release is currently Available through Itunes, Amazon, Napster, Rhapsodey to mention only a few retailers.<br /><br />In 2011 Dutty then went onto release "Dutty Mouth Vol.3: The Final Chapter" where Lexus approached this release with a more mainstream approach to his music. This cd featured the video track "Left Me Blue", which was co directed and edited by Lexus himself. Along with "Wheres My Cutter" venting his frustration about being stabbed in the back over a record deal by his former partner in crime UK R&B singer Kosha. <br /><br />At present Lexus is managed by, and in joint label venture with 89 Arrogance Recordings and is busy recording his debut EP and will be releasing under the name Alex Dutty through 89 Arrogance Recordings this year (2012.<br /><br />In the meantime check out the latest video 'Bitter Sweet Symphony' and DOWNLOAD the latest (2012) free mixtape release 'REMADE' by Alex Dutty<br /><br /><br /><br /> <br /> <br /><br /> .