Levar Thomas

I am Levar Thomas. I was born June 1, 1978 in Augusta, Georgia near my hometown of Beech Island, SC. People ask me how long have I've been singing, I will tell them about 16 years but my mom will tell you that I fell in love with music before birth. My dad was a race car driver with the best sound system in town. She says I'd be kicking to the beat of the music when they'd ride together. :^) I knew how much I loved music around the age of 13. I had a great chorus teacher named Mrs. Williams. She put me on the spot with a solo at a school concert and the crowd went wild! I had finally found something that I was good at. After that I started going home and listening to Mom & Dads records. When I had listened to all of them, I'd go to my grandmas and listen to hers, my uncles' and aunts' record collections. Any music I could get a hold of. They listened to everything from Shirley Caesar to Broadway albums to Al B. Sure to Whitesnake. I heard new sounds that I had never heard and I felt I had a lot of catching up to do. I'd come home from school, finish my homework and listen to records til dinner time. The following year I started high school and I was so awkward and shy that I kept to myself. People had remembered me singing in middle school and would ask me to sing around the halls at school and that's how I got attention and I loved it. My dad thought it was vital for us to get back into church and I'm so glad he did so. I sang with my church choir for many years after that. I'd solo a lot and I honed my skills doing solos. That same year I started singing in a group with my cousins. We named our group Versatile. We'd sing at weddings, funerals and sit together and write and record music all day. We sang together for about 10 years with no sign of a deal. Balancing work and school made it difficult for us all to continue, so we started doing our own thing. So there I was with a job I hated at 23 years old with nothing else really going for me. In 2002 I left my beloved family and moved 3 hours away to Atlanta where I knew a career in music was very possible. On the radio, you'd hear songs from Outkast, Monica, Da Brat & Kriss Kross all from Atlanta so I knew I had to come see what I could do. Here I am 5 years after and ready to face the world. I came to Atlanta, had a little fun and now I have put my mind to doing what I love. Singing and writing. <br /><br />If you would like to learn more about me you can visit my website @ www.LevarThomas.com <br />