Hi we at Letsplayvideogames will only do videos on this channel...if you want other videos by us go to yourrandomvideos. Please send your videos to us. Send them to burritogamerdailymotion@hotmail.com or legomaster3778dailymotion@hotmail.com. <br />We also have a website go check it out! <br />http://letsplayvideogames.webs.com/ <br /><br />LPVG Team: <br />Food-101, Burritogamer, Legomaster3778, Videogame_Lord, Bwaba, Warewolf45, Robojam <br /><br />Q and A's: <br />Q: Burritogamer, What console do you play the most? <br />A: My Favorite Console is the Playstation 3 <br /><br />Q: Legomaster3778, Do you have any other Console other than PC? <br />A: Yes I do I got a Wii and will soon be getting a Playstation 3. <br /><br />Q: Who is Robojam? <br />A: Robojam is Legomaster's Brother. <br /><br />Q: When will we see Black ops? <br />A: Soon enough!