Lee harris and River Styx

Angel Headed Hip Hop: Tales from The Grove is the work of legendary Counter Culturalist Lee Harris and producer and creator River Styx. A mesmerising journey of spoken word and rap over psychedelic soundscapes. From Jazzed out electronica, spiritualised big beat and intense eclectic Hip Hop. A tip of the hat to the legacy of the Beat Generation with a sound that has been dubbed "psy-Skool"

Album out FEB/MARCH!!

Lee Harris:

One of the original foot-soldiers of counter-culture, from his humble beginnings as a human rights activist in South Africa through years as an actor where he toured with Orson Welles, his time as an underground writer for various magazines including now legendary I.T (International Times), the publisher of Britain’s most well known underground comic Brainstorm, bringing luminaries such as Howard Marks, Allen Ginsberg, Michael Horowitz and many more to speak as a consultant to club “Megatripolis” Lee has been a great observer of human events and history, constantly at the fore front of cutting edge art forms from the love generation in the swinging sixties to eighties rave culture and Angel Headed Hip Hop with this new collaboration with River Styx.

River Styx:

Brought up in West London, Ladbroke Grove where for the last decade River Styx has worked with various bands and artists as a producer as an artist he constantly delves through musical boundaries from jazz tinged broken beat, experimental Hip Hop, electronica and anywhere in-between. His music has been heard on BBC2''s 'Monkey Dust' series and recently at the Portobello Film Festival.


Have a Great Summer Solstice!!!
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