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I am an artist, creating in different fields, depending on what gives me inspiration and what seems challenging at the moment. Yes, probably as all other artists do, I create to explore myself, the life and the world, in search of the answers. So, do I find answers? I would say - yes, yes I do. Through art, I have discovered the most truthful freedom of all. And it works like a highly addictive drug - once you experience it, you cannot go back.

Music is my major weakness. I play piano, improvise and compose until my fingers bleed and the tears stop me from seeing clearly. As I am a very inquisitive person, like a child, my attention floats like a butterfly in the wind, and I am very often lost in the world of ideas, chasing the track of my inspiration. It may sound strange, but I compose mostly without the piano - during subway rides or while walking through the city. Later, I just sit at the piano and play it all.

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