La Boite Visual Art is a "greenhouse atelier", where projects - personal or commissioned - born, incubate, develop following knowledge's rhythm, inspiration and savoir-faire.
This transmedial culture, where different expression ways are side by side (and sometime they crash), is an ideal loam for discovering…

In 1992, inside the Zone 33 Bern - a post-production center focused on image and sound - a sector with an accent on virtual images emerges.
This department is called La Boite - the box - in reference to the space where it's placed: the screening room, entirely light proof.
For a long period, the Atelier has a (secondary) residence in south Switzerland and, in 1997, La Boite Visual Art moves ultimately in Locarno.
The current management of the Atelier is assured by Patricia Boillat and Elena Gugliuzza.

La Boite Visual Art creations are divided in two hemispheres, still design and motion design.
Still design embraces graphics, photography, architecture, object design, installation.
Motion design combines filmmaking, computer animation, image editing, visual effects and performance.
Certain projects rebound from one hemisphere to the other, generating a multiple facets’ work.

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