We are a new Barcelona label. <br />We organize the NO NO LOGIC festival, a small labels and "weird" music festival in Barcelona. <br />If you're curious about us, have a look at the sites: <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />... etc. <br />There are nice friends links! <br />We also publish CD and books in not usual format. <br />Our music authors: <br />- Puyo Puyo: "Orphan Tunes from the Mono Times" <br />- Juan Creck: "Poetases" <br />- Motor Combo: "El Avion" <br />- Eli Gras: "Baranda" <br />- Florenci Salesas: "Músiques Fredes" <br />- And for our little books come and have a look at our site? <br />