Biography :<br />When seeing Sidney Bechet on television at the age of 11, KOOLSAX discovered his passion for music. He began his musical studies with the clarinet for four years and then moved to the saxophone. After completing his studies in jazz at the Music Conservatory for several years, he pursued his ambitions in music by moving to Paris.<br /><br />Then KOOLSAX became a great saxophonist, playing and recording with lots of artists. This includes Julio IGLESIAS, Sylvie VARTAN, Florent PAGNY and more! Simultaneously, he began to produce tracks for EMI, SONY/BMG and WARNER, working for a good number of artists such as Preta GIL (daughter of Gilberto GIL), Wendy Days, Lili Pop, Yasmin SHAH, Lizzy da VINCI as well as many others. <br /><br />Now KOOLSAX is immersed in his musical creation. He was sound designer for Microsoft France in 2011. And it is through this domain that KOOLSAX uncovers his own spirituality, finding himself in total balance and in perfect harmony with his being. <br /><br />KOOLSAX’S first album, “PRESENCE” reveals his vision and quest for the absolute, the true affirmation of his musical spirituality. In his work, he has included several songs such as “Everything you go away” by Daryl Hall along with his own composition.<br /><br />KOOLSAX plays a Yanagisawa Soprano Saxophone and a Yamaha WX5 Saxophone.