Kona Tanning

Like many great companies, Kona Tanning Company began in the kitchen. <br /><br />In 2005, an enterprising young couple named Katie and Kenny returned home from their Hawaiian wedding, tired of striking out with tanning beds and smelly spray tans that didn't complement Katie's fair skin and freckles. They decided to customize a formula just for her, and then went one step further by adding skin nourishing ingredients and extracts. <br /><br />Out of personal necessity, Katie and Kenny have single-handedly raised the bar for sunless skincare, merging health, beauty and glamour into one perfectly bronzed package, called a Kona Tan. They have developed their own products and techniques, fine-tuning Katie's talents under some of the world's top makeup artists and fitness legends. <br /><br />Once the perfect tanning color had been created, Katie studied the application technique through the eyes of a body makeup artist, manipulating shadows as she airbrushed, masking and blending flaws. Next she mastered the art of enhancing the body's natural definition and curves, even creating some from scratch. She then studied drawing the human body with charcoal, paying particular attention to muscle groups, frames, and the fluidity of the body's movement. Because of this approach to airbrush tanning, Katie has worked on some of the greatest bodies in the fitness industry, in Hollywood, and in fashion. In 2009 Katie added Victoria's Secret to her fashion resume, working on the Victoria's Secret Pink campaign in 2009, and the famous Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in New York, in both 2009 and 2011. Until 2010, Katie was also staff Beauty Director at Amour Creole Fashion Magazine, and you will find her boutique riddled with hard to find editor favorites, certain to make you, too, brag about your age!