Kinky Star Records

Kinky Star Records is one of the few truly independent labels in Belgium. Based in Ghent and releasing records since 1998, Kinky Star has created a surprising universe within the Belgian music scene. The label never limited itself to one specific style, but signs the music it loves. This is always music with soul, and it's of no importance whether it's made with guitars, a computer or two turntables and a microphone. Maybe this diversity was a bit difficult to understand for outsiders in the beginning, but looking back on the Kinky Star catalogue now, no one can deny that the label has been well ahead of its time. <br /><br />With De Bossen, Sexmachines, Starfighter and Dr Pepper Family, Kinky Star announced the revival of pure rock'n'roll long before The White Strokes. The electro experiments of Vive La Fte and Monky Pussy were released long before the actual hype of 80s cold wave. With't Hof Van Commerce Kinky Star was the first label to believe in the quality of Flemish hiphop. And without Kinky Star you wouldn't have heard the timeless surf classics from The Revelaires and The Whodads. The huge talent of the musicians in Kinky Star bands is also shown by the fact that they play along with dEUS, Mauro, Daan, Dead Man Ray, Das Pop, Olla Vogala and Sophia, and by the success of Flip Kowlier's solo career and Ultrasonic. <br /><br />Other, newer, releases include great bands like Hitch, Waldorf and Indigenous, who even made a mini-EP with some outstanding rappers in Uganda. <br /><br />Also, we recently released 'Surviving On Dreams And Casual Sex, the debut album of Mono'Kiri, 'Pheromone', Needle And The Pain Reaction's second full album, and 'Move/The Mountain, the eclectic double EP by COEM. <br />First upcoming new releases include new work by Dr Pepper Family, so stay tuned and rocking!