Yusei Fudo

Hi everyone at Dailymotion. I would like to say first of all I haven't been to this site for such a long time and i would feel better if everone here made me feel welcomed without any hate mesages or any harrassment okay? I want everyone to make me feel at hom on here and I want you all to treat me as a friend okay? i want to make sure of that. So I am here to share any video that you all would like to see <br /><br />Feel free to ask me anything you want and i am here to answer all ofyour questions and i wil be using this acocunt to upload your favorite anime episodes. So if you havea an anime request in your mind. feel free ask me and I will see what I can do for you. So I wil be here sometimes to check up on messages and I will also be on you tube if you all need me. So anyway start commenting my my channel as I find freinds. So i am here to enjoy dailymotion. So make me feel happy here <br /><br />good luck and remember this channel will get a lot of views soon once I start uploading videos of your favorite stuff. And also I am here to make lots of friends and also please send me any good comments that you would like me to view and i will reply to you the best I can okay? Thank you all.