Nickname: Kiko Tsukino (Online: Kikotsukino) <br />Language: Cantonese & English <br />Country: Australia <br />My Youtube Account: <br /><br />****** About Me ************ <br />♥ Loves Anime / Manga (Im Otaku) ♥ <br /><br />Characters that i HATE: <br />- Zero Kiryu!! (From VK) <br />- Aizen (Bleach) <br />- Naruto <br /><br />Strong supporter to: <br />- KanamexYuki (YUME Pairing) <br />LOVE Kaname <br />If you are a YUME fan or Love Kaname - Pls help us like this page:) thanks <br />link:!/pages/Protect-the-love-of-KanamexYuki-The-ANTI-ZeroYuki-Pairing/174862375905729 <br /><br />Fav Manga: <br />- Sekai ichi Hatsukoi <br />- Love For Venus, <br />- Fushigi Yuugi GK <br />- Skip Beat <br />- Kare first love <br /><br />(I Love Cantonese, Can get influence by my Friends easily, Love Animes, Not really into Naruto and Korean that much <br />My most favorite is Anime editting Or Making Music Videos dedicating to my fav drama series/Or Anime etc I like to hear feedbacks from viewers to see how i went with my video ^__^ )