Cry of The Righteous STL Camp

JUDAH - so-called blacks <br />BENJAMIN - so-called West Indians <br />LEVI - so-called Haitians <br />SIMEON - so-called Dominicans <br />ZEBULON - so-called Guatemala to Panama <br />EPHRAIM - so-called Puerto Ricans <br />MANASSEH - so-called Cubans <br />GAD - so-called Native-American Indians <br />REUBEN - so-called Seminole Indians <br />NAPTHALI - so-called Argentina to Chile <br />ASHER - so-called Columbia to Uruguay <br />ISSACHAR - so-called Mexicans <br /><br />ALSO ITALIANS, IRISH WHOSE ANCESTRY GOES BACK TO THE MOORS...Shalam Yarsharahla and Double Honors 2 the Elders at GMS... My name is NAAHWAH GABAR and Im just a servant of Yahawah Baha shem Yahawahshi Here 2 Futher push dis truth and Help Wake up Israel! Other site is TribeofJudah24_7 and Our Youtube account is EdomiteChopShop lol FUCK THA SO CALLED WHITEMAN! New Site is WordsOfTHeWise